Rozon Enterprise has built its reputation on the motto “Quality workmanship carried out with pride and honesty!”. Based in Casselman, Ontario since 2009 and founded by Mathieu Rozon, Rozon Enterprise has served and satisfied many residential and commercial clients locally and throughout Eastern Ontario with their quality products and services.

The dream started with a strong knowledge and comprehension of the trade accompanied with will, passion and determination. With drive and perseverance, a small company that started with a truck, some tools and a few hard-working men has now thrived to become an ambassador of the trade.

Today, Rozon Enterprise has a fleet of trucks and trailers with a full reliable and committed crew from labourers to office employees to better serve all their clients’ needs!


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Metal roof is therefore lifelong, reducing the pollution created by asphalt shingles.

Indeed, the latter are composed of petroleum and have a short lifespan (10-15 years). They fill our dumps with hazardous materials and have a very strong carbon footprint in transport. Ouch !!

Metal roof cools quickly and helps combat urban heat islands.

Urban heat islands have many negative consequences for health and the environment. The oppressive heat created by them decreases the quality of the air we breathe and the water we drink. They affect the humans who live there, also the ecosystems that surround them. Again, asphalt is one of the most damaging elements on this side.

Is recyclable at the end of its life!

Eh yes! Our Metal roof is guaranteed for 50 years, but of course can last much longer. In addition, the metal is recyclable at the end of its life and again avoids unnecessary pollution. Rozon Enterprise Inc. is the most ecological solution to cover your home!

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